Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?

I am not an outlandish expensive photographer, but I am not a chain store photographer either.....

A personal photographer that caters to your needs & wants, on location at your location of choice is worth the price tag.
There are no "generic" pictures...the pictures you receive on a disc or on print are YOUR pictures...YOUR candid shots, YOUR family.
Why pay for a sit here, don't move, 2 pose kinda picture? When you can choose a photographer with style, creativity and individuality.
I would rather pay more for a photographer that will do what it takes for ME & my just what are you getting for your money?

Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?


  1. Actually, to play devil's advocate there are many new photographers and/or wannabes who actually provide the same generic shots.

    The photographers who do family or individual shoots for $50 usually lack the knowledge and creativity to do much more than "Stand here, move there, okay perfect." I've seen this far too often in Vegas. The other ones who annoy me are the Wix and Weebly web sites. Seriously, it's not hard to get a self-hosted site and do a simple set-up (and yes, I see you're using Blogger but this is not a slam towards you).

    I've been doing this for nearly 3 years and I never cease to be amazed at what I see with photographers and clients.

  2. Either you got it or you don't...right?
    My journey is a slow one...but I chose it that way. I set up a weebly site a couple years ago when I started out - your right, it isn't hard..but it's better than nothing when you have very little funds. It's important to have that creativity and uniqueness in every shoot. It isn't just point and click. lol
    Thanks for commenting Kim....You are FABULOUS!

  3. First off: Thank you for the compliment!!

    Now, regarding funds I am broke as all get out too so believe me, I understand. But in my [occasionally not so humble opinion] if you are serious then getting those funds will help you set yourself apart from those who aren't.

    My hosting is costing me +/- $95 annually through Bluehost. I currently operate 5 web sites on my host and have set up my own site for my writing and photography (check it out here: Domains are only $10 so if you get even one web site going you've spent only $105, an average of just under $9 per month! (crap, I sound like a sales pitch now).

    Is it challenging? Yes. Worth it? Oh heck yes! I don't have a lot of exposure right now but I'd rather hand over a business card with my own site than a .weebly or site or a domain hosted there but still very obvious I'm using cheap templating. Just my two cents. =)

  4. Sales pitch or not - Thanks for passing that info along...I am currently looking into a few avenues for a new website....Like I said - my process is slow and VERY cautious. lol. I appreciate your two cents! LOL! I wouldn't know a dang thing if I didn't listen to the penny's people throw my way. lol. :D