Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?

I am not an outlandish expensive photographer, but I am not a chain store photographer either.....

A personal photographer that caters to your needs & wants, on location at your location of choice is worth the price tag.
There are no "generic" pictures...the pictures you receive on a disc or on print are YOUR pictures...YOUR candid shots, YOUR family.
Why pay for a sit here, don't move, 2 pose kinda picture? When you can choose a photographer with style, creativity and individuality.
I would rather pay more for a photographer that will do what it takes for ME & my just what are you getting for your money?

Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July is half over!

Can you believe it? 3 more weeks until my boys are back in school. I cannot understand how fast time flies and why. It really makes you want to just stop, take everyday as slow as possible and be thankful for today's need to worry about yesterday - it's gone, you can't get it back and you can't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow hasn't even happened yet. Today is what is important. Right now. Did you make someone smile? Did you share a kind word? Did you thank God for all that is abundant in your life today? Although - a lifetime seems, well, like a lifetime - it's shorter than we know. Because we have no idea how tomorrow will play out - it is up to us to cherish today.
Everyday is a struggle for me to be positive & happy...but I try, really hard - in this quest of learning to be a confident photographer, a confident mother and wife, I have come across a blog that I really enjoy reading. It really inspires me to see the bigger picture.

I hope one day I will be a "Brave Girl" 
I took this picture a few weeks ago - Sometimes I feel like a lonely pod - yet still very strong to just hang on.
Enjoy each and everyday. Each day is a blessing.  Thank you for following my blog, not always about photography - a lot about life and adventures. I greatly appreciate you. Have a beautiful day.

Monday, July 4, 2011

...More Fireworks...

Well, After 3 nights of fireworks, I think I may have got something right. :) Over the weekend, I have watched tutorials and played with my camera and learned a few things! Letting Freedom ring, one last night. Thanks to all those that fight for us daily. God Bless!

Happpy 4th!!

It’s that time of year again
-the 4th of July
Nothing quite as pretty
As sparks in the sky

We honor our independence
It’s what we have always fought for
And even though it’s never easy
To keep the enemies from our door

So picnics and bbq’s are planned
To celebrate this special day
But stop a moment and remember
The meaning of the brilliant displays!